[Week in Review] November 24 – 30

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Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Oh, wait… I’m late this time? Gosh darn it… I can never get these timing thingies right. Oh well, whatever. At the very least, I can do what I do best and navigate you through all the great releases we’ve had this past week! Someone once said that the best releases seem to come out at the start and end of a month. Not that we’re trying to do that intentionally, but I guess it kinda makes things hard for those who are trying to get through No-Nut-November in one piece. Hey, we’re just doing our job here, hehe.

So, allow me to run down what happened this week!

Oh yes… It’s the return the Tropical Island Maniacs as they glomp our ostensible protagonist one last time before he leaves the island for good. But Akari just can’t seem to cut the poor chap some slack, and continues to go full Tsundere on him before finally opening up confessing to him. I really liked this particular scene with Akari showing her more vulnerable side — it really takes the edge off her attitude. And it’s so cool how she just looks so much like her mother with her hair down like that. I lurve Akari! But is the story over? Find out in the final installment, coming soon!

I remember someone here telling me that Tomokichi was the guy who drew stories about orcs and elves, and that he had this manga where he basically flipped the roles and made it so that it was an elf trying desperately to get raped by an orc. Now I’d really like to see that one, but this Isekai about a male AV Idol who died and got transported to a fantasy world where his porn video experience is transformed into magical abilities… okay, now that sounds like comedic gold! And true enough, this [very long title for a doujinshi] is just as silly as its premise, throwing in enough time freezing and mind breaking to put professor Xavier to shame. Good news is that this is an on-going series, so it’s definitely something you should check out if you like randomness and fun in your hentai!

And finally, there was the bombshell that was the second part of Hypnotic Sexual Counseling 4. Ya’ll gotta hand it to the localization team for bringing this out a lot quicker than anticipated — and at the same time curse them for ruining your No-Nut-November streak and possibly making you excuse yourself from the dinner table for… reasons. All-in-all, it’s what you’d expect from the self-proclaimed school sexual counselor Tanaka. But for some reason, I kinda felt sorry for the guy. All he wants is to be loved… but if only he wasn’t such a rotten person. But I guess that’s what makes NTRs fun?

So yeah, notice that we only had three works come out last week? That’s because we had a massive sale go down at FAKKU! So if you’ve been living under a rock (or turkey or ham) these past few days, you still have a couple hours left to avail of massive discounts on some of our older titles! Here’s a rundown of all of the titles on sale for your convenience!

And finally, we officially launched IRODORI aqua — the non-erotic doujinshi label of IRODORI comics! Titles will be available for digital download for the Amazon Kindle starting December 14, and pre-orders are now on-going! Here are the titles for sale:

I fell in love with all of them, but if I were to pick a favorite, I’d probably go with Two-Timing Fair and Square. The story is ridiculous and cute for a random romcom! And some of you might even notice that the author, Hiroyuki, is the creator of Aho Girl! For more information, you can download the IRODORI aqua Winter 2019 Portfolio here!

So yeah, do support us at IRODORI aqua as well! You can follow our IRODORI aqua Twitter for updates and tidbits to help raise awareness on doujinshi culture. Because apparently, doujinshi isn’t just hentai! That’s a shocker for me — I never knew that!

Whew! So much happened last week! But guess what — it’s December, and things aren’t slowing down! Thanks again for all of your support, and I hope you look forward to all the new releases we’ll be bringing out this coming week. Until next time, Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!

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