[Week in Review] December 1 – 7

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Hi guys!

There were only two releases last week, but I guess it’s because things were winding down after that hectic Thanksgiving weekend sale that went down over at FAKKU! But you know what, I heard you guys really delivered! Man, give yourselves a pat on the back — you’re all awesome!

That said, we’ve got quite the road ahead of us, because when talk of December comes around, all roads lead to Winter Comic Market, which in this case will be Comiket 97.

Will we be there? Yes we will! We’ve taken note of some of the (awesome) artists you’ve recommended to us through twitter, and we’ll see if we can sneak a visit to their booth. Things can get really hectic at a Comic Market, so please understand if we can’t (and don’t) visit them all!

And of course, the next question is if we’ll be releasing any simulpubs? Hmm… We’ll have to see. I can’t promise anything at the moment, but suffice it to know that we’ve got a lot of stuff in store for you this holiday season!

But enough of that, time to go through what came out last week! To start things off, we got a steamy title from author of the My Harem in Another World Series, Ootori Mahiro!

I’m familiar with pheromones from classes in biology, but boy does this work have a strong “scent” to it, hehe. I got sweaty just from reading it! But I think it’s also a little interesting how Ootori Mahiro focuses on something that not that many people seem comfortable talking about (i.e. smell fetishes), but at the same time they’re able to tackle it without coming off as tasteless. That’s really impressive!

As for Ootori’s other works, we’ve got a bunch that we’re steadily working to bring out. And good news, this includes the second season to his popular My Harem in Another World, which will be seeing its second part released this Winter Comiket. And yup, we’ll be working on that one, too! Do look forward to it!

And for our second release last week, there’s Ennorei’s continuation to the original Naughty Girl comic released earlier this year. This takes place immediately after Mao-chan drags our unsuspecting MC to the temple in the boondocks, only to be subject to some “baby-making fun”. We get more Mao-chan goodness in this release, but even Ennorei mentions that this has more focus on the foreplay and “naughtiness” of the mischievous little demon.

To be honest, I’m all for more of Mao-chan’s shenanigans. But this is, apparently, all building up for something “exciting”, according to Ennorei. What could this possibly be? Stay tuned for more from the artist, which we will be sure to bring out for you guys!

And that about wraps it up for this edition of the week in review! Remember guys to leave your comments below, and I’ll be more than happy to reply to them! Alternatively, you can contact us at our new contact address for any comments, suggestions, or inquiries, [email protected] The one on our twitter is reserved for artists for when they want to speak to our JP team, so kindly direct your emails to the one above (unless you want a weird reply in Japanese, which I wouldn’t mind asking them to do for you guys, haha). Until next time, Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!

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  • Vent says:

    Hey, whatever happened to Sex with Senpai #2? It had been announced alongside these two doujins but I haven’t heard anything about it since. Was it delayed?

  • TryingtofindthatoneshotHcomicishard says:

    So I might’ve been deleting from Twitter due to inactivity but the artist\circle if recommend and would pay through the roof for is Jin\MTSP I really love their vvoluptuous women and they even did a silent voice doujin and it actually fits too which is crazy anyways love the work everyone does and continues to do here I’ll support you even if you don’t get my top favorite artists (think you’re only missing a couple tho which is insane)

    • Ruri says:

      I’m not exactly sure I understand your question, but we are always open to suggestions for doujinshi artists for us to approach. Please understand, however, that this isn’t an assurance that we will or can work with them. But we still try our best to accommodate any recommendations. For a more timely response, you can send us a direct message on Twitter instead of using a mention (if this is what you mean by “being delet[ed] from Twitter”).

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