[Update] A message from Mizuryu Kei!

By November 6, 2019 Mizuryukei, Site News

Hey guys! Thanks again for all of the support you guys showed with the announcement of Mizuryu Kei’s debut work Mizuryukei Land: The 1st Day! And boy did you guys really deliver! I’m really impressed with all of the passion people have for this series! I mean, just look at some of these amazing fan art from twitter users @darke_shard and @DeliveryXiao! You guys are really something else!

And that passion was felt by Mizuryu Kei, who actually made a very special message for all of you after he saw the overwhelming reception! I was told to add it as an addendum to the release post, but psssh! Really? I’m your navigator, and I really want you guys to hear what Mizuryu Kei has to say. So I’m pleased to share with you this touching message from the man himself!

Hello everyone!

My name is Mizuryu Kei. Thank you for purchasing this English release published by Irodori Comics. I actually spent some time growing up in the US when I was a child, but English was something I never really worked on. So I’m glad to see my work published for overseas fans like this.

Recently, even in Doujinshi events in Japan, a lot of foreign fans drop by my booth to say “Hi”, and I see my name pop up quite often on Twitter as well. I’m really grateful that everyone is enjoying my works. And having read your comments and opinions about my work, I’m certain that the passion you share towards my works are the same as that of Japanese fans, and I firmly believe that there are no “national borders” when it comes to manga. I hope we can all overcome our historical and cultural differences, and that people around the world can read and enjoy my work. As a first step to that, I’d like to thank Irodori Comics for partnering up with me to publish my work in English.

And I’d like to all of you, the readers, for picking this up and supporting me from overseas. There will be more to come.

– Mizuryu Kei

Aren’t you guys amazing? Thanks once again for supporting Mizuryu Kei by supporting us here at Irodori! Oh yeah, before I forget, you can comment down below a reply to Mizuryu Kei and we’ll translate it and send it over for him to read! I’m sure he’d love to hear more from you guys. So until next time, Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!

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