[New Release] Extracurricular Lessons – Sakuya Chapter by Fukuyama Naoto

By November 8, 2019 Fukuyama Naoto, H-Doujinshi
Extracurricular Lessons – Sakuya Chapter

My face is melting!

Anyone who’s a Fukuyama Naoto fan knows that no other artist draws Ahegao better. Personally, I wouldn’t want my face to melt like that… but I gotta say, at least the girls look like they’re really enjoying themselves! Especially so in this parody release entitled Extracurricular Lessons – Sakuya Chapter.

Now I know what you’re thinking… a parody of what again? Well, it’s based on an erotic visual novel game called Kagai Jugyou, which apparently has yet to be localized by an English publisher. That said, I know it might look a bit obscure at first — you might not be that familiar with the characters of the source material — but trust me, if there’s anything Fukuyama’s good at, it’s at making you feel just how raw and unleashed his sex scenes can feel.

But allow me to ease you in to the situation: Sakuya is your typical ojou-sama attending a prestigious academy, but her PE teacher and apparent husband-to-be seems to be quite the sadist, and “trains” Sakuya to become his obedient sex slave.

I know this all sounds a little dark, but it’s actually a bit more nuanced in principle. Sakuya leans into it wholeheartedly, and the two engage in pretty crazy sex, complete with Fukuyama’s signature face-melting ahegao goodness. I don’t think you could really ask for more!

Although Fukuyama does mostly parody works, did you know that he’s recently dabbled in original works as well? Last Comiket 96, he released a brand new series called Milk Mamire ML, which we are currently working on! And the Comiket before that, he released an original isekai work called I Became a Mage in Another World, which you can actually purchase right now on FAKKU!. And if you’ve already read that, then guess what… Fukuyama will be releasing a sequel to it this Comiket 97! But will we be translating it?

You bet your bottom dollar we will! Anything for the love of all things Ahegao!

And that’s it for today! Don’t forget to drop a comment and share your thoughts down below. Until next time, Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!

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