Doujinshi for Everybody.


We’re Irodori!

We provide high-quality English localization services for Japanese doujinshi manga artists looking to expand their reach to their fans in the West.

What are Doujinshi?


Doujinshi are self-published works by Japanese manga artists. These are passion projects that are produced and funded by the artists themselves without the help of a major publisher. As such, they tend to be more unique and creative compared to serialized manga. We help artists by localizing their works and making them available for their fans to enjoy!

Here’s just a few of the great artists we work with!

Aiue Oka (愛上陸)

Hypnotic Sexual Counseling Series

Uten Ameka (雨天あめか)

My Best Friend is a Gender Bender Series

Hiroyuki (ヒロユキ)

Two-Timing Fair and Square (Non-H)

Of Girls, Love, and Money (Non-H)

Angel Girl (Aho Girl Parody, Non-H)

Sasamori Tomoe (笹森トモエ)

Living with Succubus Series

Sex with Senpai Series

Open to more collaborations.

We’re just getting started.

We plan on collaborating with more than just H-Doujinshi artists. But for now, check out the full list of artists and upcoming titles that you can look forward to us releasing!